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Computers and Desks - The #1 Reason People Need Massage

Computers and Desks - The #1 Reason People Need Massage

Jayne Raab

Many people think massage is about ‘pampering’.  They imagine women with cucumbers on their eyes in white, fluffy robes having lotion gently rubbed into their skin.  Others imagine massage is mostly used by people who had traumatic incidents and injuries.  While you might find either of these clients in our studio (minus the cucumbers and fluffy robe), they are a small minority of the people we see most frequently.  Do you know massage myths from facts? 

Fact:  Most clients who visit our studio are here for tightness or pain in their neck or shoulders.  By far, the biggest reason is excessive time spent on a lap top or computer.  Our bodies were not meant to spend so much time with shoulders raised, arms extended and necks bent looking at our screens.  We end up with ‘kinks’ in our neck, over-stretched shoulder muscles and even rotator cuff strains.

Fact:  Most back pain doesn’t come from accidents.  In fact, it doesn’t even come from people who spend time on their feet.  It comes from people spending too much time on their ‘seat.  Life in chairs is hazardous to your health.  Sitting for hours at a time in a desk chair is a posture that our bodies weren’t designed to do excessively.  The seated position causes muscles that connect through our trunk from the top of our legs to the low back area to shorten and tighten.  As these muscles tighten, they cause compression of discs in our backbone which leads to pain and even nerve damage.  

In short, you don’t need to be an athlete or pampered lady-of-leisure to benefit from massage.  In fact, the people who benefit most are the hard-workers who fuel our economy working in offices, desks and computers for long hours just trying to live a comfortable and happy life.  We love when we get the opportunity to help them achieve the comfort and subsequently… a little more ‘happy’. 

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