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6 Ways to Become a Favorite Client

6 Ways to Become a Favorite Client

Susan, Certified Massage Therapist

There are many ways to let a massage therapist know that they are doing a great job other than (or in addition to) leaving a hefty tip.  Here are some "tips’"from our therapists.


Tell Us What You Like

In-the-moment feedback is great for a massage therapist to hear.  We enjoy knowing what our clients prefer. It won’t hurt our feelings, and it contributes to you getting an even better massage.  We put notes about specific feedback a client gives us so that any therapist you see at Elements will be able to give you consistent and customized massage.  Please, speak up.

Fall Asleep

There are few things that let a therapist know you feel safe and comfortable more than nodding off to a light slumber.  So, don’t feel bad if you fall asleep during a massage.  We feel so happy when you do!

Just in Time

Arriving on time isn’t just courteous to other clients booked on the same day as your appointment.  It communicates that you respect the time of the therapist as well.

Keep Us Posted

Emergencies and unexpected illnesses happen.  We get it.  Keeping us informed tells us that our time matters to you.  We can also try to fill in a cancellation, if we have enough notice.  We care about our clients a lot, so really want to know that you are OK.

Let Us Know You Feel Better

We really appreciate repeat clients.  Tell your therapist why you’re coming back to them time and again.  This motivates us and gives us valuable feedback to make sure we are providing a customized experience for each client.  Hearing that you had less pain after a massage or had the break you desperately needed is music to our ears. From time to time, we’ll send you a very brief (2 questions) survey. We really appreciate clients who share their feedback through this survey or on social media.

Refer a Friend or Family Member

When you refer another client to us or buy a gift card, it tells us you have not only had a good experience but also trust us deeply with others you care about.  What an honor! Be sure they let us know you referred them. You’ll receive 10 referral point for each person you refer; collect 50 points to get a free massage! And don’t forget - our Wellness Program members can always buy gift cards at the member rate.

You can buy gift cards on our website, our just stop by the studio. Look for our annual gift card sale in November/December!

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