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Spring into Rejuvenation

Spring into Rejuvenation

Sue Nelson

Spring into Rejuvenation


Move over, groundhog, Spring is here to stay! 

The sun is shining. The birds are singing. Your body is aching for revival.


Did you know that massage is the perfect way to rejuvenate your body and de-clutter your mind?


Spring is the season for deep cleaning and de-cluttering all aspects of your life. The renewal of the season (and TAX TIME!) spurs us to action within our closets, garages and office files. Shouldn't we use this momentum to also clean up our bodies? 


Massage Renews: 


Winter is harsh on skin. Hot showers, lotions, cold air, heating systems, full body clothing - all of these things contribute to dull, lifeless skin. Massage will stimulate all of your skin cells. Start in your shower at home with a full exfoliation. Then let us massage some new life into your limbs using essential oils to stimulate a new healthy glow for your spring skin. 


Pro Tip: Gentle scrubbing is perfect for your skin. Don't overdo it. You want to reveal the fresh new skin, not irritate it.


Massage Stimulates:


Spring is the time for birds to sing and plants to bloom. There is new life in the world we are compelled to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. For many of us, that means allergies. Did you know massage increases circulation and stimulates the lymph system, strengthening the body's natural defenses against toxic invaders? Let us massage you into spring vitality.


Pro Tip: Did you know that eating local honey can help with your allergies? Visit your local fresh or farmer's market and get some today!


More time for massages:


With DST in full swing and summer creeping onto the horizon, every day has more usable light. We tend to spend more time being active and enjoying recreation as the days warm up and the sun shines brighter. It just seems like there is more time in a day, and so sneaking in an hour for massage becomes a more manageable feat.


Pro Tip: Be sure to drink lots of water before and after your massage to clear your systems of toxins.


Show off that spring in your step, your healthy glow, your joy of life as you step out of our studio, renewed and ready to take on the world.

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