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Marty | Biography

Education: 1993 Tri-city school of Massage

Specialties or Training:  Prenatal, Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Myofascial Release, Hot/Cold Stone, Cupping, Aromatherapy

Favorite Massage Modalities: Accupressure and myopathic therapies

Philosophy on Healing:  Through massage therapy and assisted stretching balance is brought back to the muscles of the whole body. As circulation is increased and muscle tension is decreased the body is allowed to heal faster. Areas of tension can act as a blockage that slow down healing.

Exceptional Results:  A client with moderate tension headaches and severe stiffness came in to see me. After his initial visit, I recommended he come in once a week. After 3 visits with focus work on neck and shoulder the pain is mostly gone! He now sees me once a month for maintenance massage.

Therapist of the week specialty: deep tissue

License # MA 00006441

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