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We pride ourselves in creating a safe, healthy and welcoming environment and look forward to welcoming you into our studio. As laws and guidelines on COVID-19 continue to evolve in Washington, please contact the studio directly to learn more about the safety protocols and expectations for our Elements Massage clients and staff.

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15412 E Sprague Ave
Ste 8
Spokane Valley, WA 99037

Mon - Sun 8:30am - 9:30pm

Kolae | Biography

Education: Inland Massage Institute, Spokane, WA

Specialties or Training: Structural release in shoulder, neck and upper back, Lomi Lomi massage.

Favorite Massage Modality: Lomi Lomi massage, lymphatic, spiritual and relaxation massage.

Philosophy on healing: My philosophy is simple: I believe, inherently, that the body can heal itself. As such, I try and facilitate that natural healing process by listening to and understand each clients’ needs to develop an individualized treatment plan that enhances their experience. Whether it is through relaxation, deep tissue, postural education, breathing, or exercise, I will find a proper course!

Exceptional Results: Through my 7 years of doing massage, I have helped many people to heal. I have had some clients who were in so much pain who now no longer suffer from it. I pride myself in my work and the results show.

Therapist of the week specialty: Structural release

License: MA60503389

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