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Trigger Point Therapist Joins Elements Massage Needham

Trigger Point Therapist Joins Elements Massage Needham


MaryAnn has joined the Elements Massage Needham Studio!

As a trigger point specialist with over 4 years of experience doing massage therapy, she has had lot of success relieving clients of multiple pathologies, such as: migraine, frozen shoulder, TMJ, lower back dysfunctions, sports injuries, and many more. MaryAnn comes to use with training from 360 Neuromuscular Therapy, where she advanced her education and honed her skills. Because of her talent and passion for trigger point work, we are very fortunate to have her as a member of our team.

What's a Trigger Point? A trigger point is a small area of tight muscle, or a knot, that persists over time and radiates pain. This can cause other muscles to become tight, in an attempt to compensate or establish bracing around the trigger point. As this happens, your body can develop a pattern of being off balance. (See also - Trigger Point).

As a brand new therapist on the team, she has lots of availability on her schedule. So, schedule your appointment TODAY!

We have a number of therapists that do Trigger Point:

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