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Massage Therapy to Address Allergies

Massage Therapy to Address Allergies

With winter finally retreating to the North, and Spring breezes on it's heals, plants are waking up and bursting forth, throwing lots of tiny particles into the air. And with that, some of us suffer allergies.

During this year's allergy season, want to reduce your symptoms? Try massage!

Massage therapy is an excellent method to reduce stress and increase relaxation. And stress can really cause allergies to be much worse.

The more we are agitated and stressed, the stronger our reactions to things. When we are pouring more energy into our nervous & immune system, it responds by making us ready to react to anything that might attack you... Any pathogen... And any environmental threat.

Although this is a good thing when we need to fight off illness, it can become a problem when the body responds too much, leading to uncomfortable symptoms like a runny nose & itchy eyes.

Reducing the body's reaction to these allergens can reduce symptoms quite a bit. They eyes aren't so itchy. And the nose isn't so runny. When we do this naturally, through relaxation and stress reduction, we can avoid or reduce lots of over-the-counter drugs that cause their own uncomfortable side effects.

Although relaxation and stress reduction will not eliminate the fact that your body wants to react to certain things (e.g. pollen in the air), it will reduce your sensitivity, your hyper reaction, your over active immune response, and consequently your symptoms.

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