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Boost Immunity with Massage

Aug 11, 2014

 Massage therapy has been used for thousands of years to promote health and well-being. It’s a holistic approach to healing that not only addresses problem areas, but also treats the body as a whole. The benefits of massage go way beyond the immediate bliss we enjoy!

study reported on by the New York Times determined that a single session of Swedish massage produced measurable biological changes. Volunteers who received a 45-minute Swedish massage experienced:

  • Decreased levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Stress, particularly chronic stress that continues over long periods of time, is one of the major causes of illness and disease. It breaks down our bodies little by little and makes us more susceptible to getting sick
  • Decreased levels of arginine vasopressin, a hormone that can increase cortisol production
  • Increased number of lymphocytes, the white blood cells that fight off infection

Adopted from Boost Your Immunity with Massage

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