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What Our Clients Say About US

Cheri White Apr 15, 2016


I loved everything about my visit!  There was water and healthy snacks available in the waiting room.  Everything was beautifully decorated - I felt peaceful and relaxed from the moment I entered your facility.  The massage room was also beautifully decorated.  I appreciated the fact that there was a fluffy white robe in the room - in case I needed to dash to the bathroom during my 90 minute massage.  When the therapist wanted to put some ice (or heat - I can't quite remember) on my neck and shoulders, it was already right there in the room with us. My therapist had put some essential oils on the face cradle so that I was greeted with a lovely aroma when I lay down.  The face cradle cover was much softer and more pleasant than the ones that I am used to, so I appreciated that too.  And, of course, the therapist was extraordinary!  He worked magic on the knots and pains in my neck and shoulders and legs.  

If I lived in Las Vegas, I would visit your Elements on a quite regular basis!  I currently get massages about twice a month (here at the Elements in Kennewick, WA).   I very much like "my" Elements, but yours was a notch above.  It was the little touches - the snacks, the robe, the aromatherapy, the softer material on the face cradle,  the lovely decor, the atmosphere - I was thrilled that I was able to get an appointment on such short notice. My massage was a highlight of my time in Las Vegas.  

I would HIGHLY recommend your Elements to anybody needing a massage. (And everybody needs a massage - whether they realize it or not!) And I would also HIGHLY recommend John.  He was awesome!

So thank you for doing such a great job of creating a little haven for peace and restoration.  

With much appreciation,

(Private name)

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