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Welcome to our studio

Mar 16, 2010

Hi there,

Welcome to our studio.  I would like to invite you to try the “elements experience”, the very best in therapeutic massage.  What is therapeutic massage? It’s relaxing, healthful massage, restoring the body to its own potential to heal itself.  Your therapist will know exactly how to work your muscles and what to do, so that you get the most out of your massage, but it is your responsibility to let them know if it’s not deep enough or if it’s too deep to prevent injury.  That’s why elements has developed a number system, from 1-4, 1 being the lightest touch to 4 being the deepest.

You are encouraged to try different therapists, as each has a different touch and individuality in their massage practice, you will probably find many that you enjoy going to.  Each of our therapists is licensed and State Certified and have to keep up their certification with required continuing education each year They all have knowledge and experience in numerous modalities.  We want to be your massage studio of choice.

With so many demands being put on ourselves from keeping up with family, home chores, providing for our loved ones, working- especially those with high powered careers- exercising, sports, dancing, travel, driving in traffic, making it to all those meetings, last minute changes and of course the unstoppable cell phones/blackberries, not to mention the physical toll on the body, most everyone I know needs a little time to de-stress and take a moment for themselves.  Spending an hour  every week or two, getting a therapeutic massage is the best way I know to revive oneself and feel human again. 

In our studio, we try and maintain a friendly, clean, serene atmosphere in a luxurious setting.    Our service sells itself, as you will soon experience.  There is a wellness program which gives you the best price on your routine visits, but there is never any pressure or cost to join or stay in a program that doesn’t suit your needs.  There are also packages you can purchase if that’s more comfortable for you.  From time to time we run specials that are great to take advantage of.  There are at least 100 Elements Therapeutic Massage studios across the country  with new ones opening  all the time. Please feel free to visit any of them you like, just let them know if you belong to the wellness program to get their special rate.  Prices may differ  in different areas but you can be assured that it will be very affordable and reasonable for the best service.

I personally want to thank you for visiting our website and studio. Call for your appointment,  I know it  will be the best part of your day.  If ever your visit is not satisfactory, we want to know. You can let our Customer Service Specialist at the desk know, and they will be glad to help or feel free to email us at;  hendersonmgr@touchofelements.com . If you have an exceptional experience we always enjoy hearing from you and would love to have your comments, use the same email as above.  We’d love to have your  family, friends & referrals. Interested in opening your own elements studio?

 Contact  Jim White:  702-818-1138. 


Cheri & Jim White, Owners

Nevada Wellness Inc. DBA/Elements Therapeutic Massage Henderson

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