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Thanks for Visiting our Studio

May 20, 2010

Thanks for coming to our studio, I do hope that your experience was absolutely one of the best massages you've ever had. At Elements Therapeutic Massage about half of our clientele comes in for regularly scheduled massages.  Some of the longtime clients become concerned if they can't com in for their regular session- because it helps keep them healthy and enables them to lead an active lifestyle. 
 I personally suffer from Rhumatiod Arthritis, which is very painful and crippling, on the days that getting around becomes difficult, I see one of our great therapist and come out feeling renewed and refreshed.  At times my muscles get so tight movement gets restricted and very painful.  After my massage I notice how much better I can breath, move my arms, hands, feet and legs.  It makes an incredible difference and is a necessary  part of my health for me to get my massages regularly and manage my life with RA. 
Even if your not experiencing pain or mobility challenges that keep you from hiking, biking golfing or other physical activities you enjoy, massage can simply be the breather you need to keep your sanity and perspective in a hectic society.  Think about how that can improve your outlook, attitude and relationship with your spouse, kids, family friend, coworkers, boss... Maybe it's time to call and book your next massage today.
Cheri White, Owner
Elements Therapeutic Massage
of Henderson

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