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Prenatal Massage from Newsletter Sept 2010

Sep 1, 2010

Prenatal Massage
   Massage can help alleviate many of the discomforts of
pregnancyPregnant Ladies or just add to your overall healthy glow and can even help make the delivery easier. Some hospitals even provide Therapist during delivery. However massage it is not recommended for your first trimester. After that have all the massage you want.
   Your therapist will have lots of cushions and pillows to keep you comfortable during your session.
Massage will decrease stress, improved circulation of the blood
and lymph, aid in relaxing and sleeping including help in coping with pain and pressure.  
     Pregnancy can relax your ligaments, so that your pelvic joints are less stable, along with changes in the center of gravity. This can change the posture pulling the pelvis forward putting pressure on back, neck, abdominal muscles, legs and shoulders. Along with extra weight & the growing baby, you've got yourself an aching back and then some with an ever changing body. 
    Other benefits from massage are improving digestion, reduce fatigue, improving skin elasticity that can help reduce stretch marks, stablize hormone levels by lessening anxiety and promote deep breathing. 
prenatal massageThe joys of pregnancy far out weigh the discomforts, your therapist is an essential part of your health care regime during and after your pregnancy. Remember to communicate about your sore and problem spots, tell them where you need the most attention. Each of our Therapists is well trained on the modalites to help you enjoy your massage and make it a truly therapeutic experience.  Don't you deserve it!
Make sure to incorporate massage into your regular health regime, no less than once a month. Many of our clients incorporate it into their weekly health maintenance.  It feels like a luxury but it is so good for you.
In Good Health,
Cheri & Jim White & 
All the Elements Staff
Elements Therapeutic Massage
Referal  $$$
     It's easy, get $20 onyour massage account by referring a friend.  Make sure that they mention your name when booking their appointment, and we'll put $20 on your massage account.  
It's just that easy!
Save $20
55 min $89
80 min $129 
Save $20 toward your next massage or give it to a friend. Get the best massage you've ever had. Our therapist listen to your needs so that they
can customize your massage experience. Choose from Swedish, Deep
Tissue, Trigger Point, Sports and Prenatal, at your prefered pressure. Take
time to renew your spirit, refresh your body and relax, only a few of the
benefits you'll receive.
      We use only the highest quality oils and lotions that are organic, hypo- allergenic & nut-free, richly filled with vitamins and nutrients that renew & hydrate your skin as well. 
Good only at:   elements therapeutic massage of Henderson
                       2970 Saint Rose Pkwy, Suite 130
                       near Lowes on Eastern
                       Henderson, NV  89052 
Offer Expires: Expires Sept 30, 2011               
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