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Meditation: Worth 15 Minutes Every Day

Meditation: Worth 15 Minutes Every Day

John L. Pantera

Meditation is a wellness practice that has been in existence for centuries, and continues to prove that the mind is a powerful tool to heal, inspire and guide human beings.

Ideally, one would meditate for at least 10-15 minutes immediately after waking in the morning, obviously without distraction. If this requires you to wake 15 minutes earlier than usual, I strongly urge you to make that time a priority in your life. It is well worth it.

Check out the 21-day meditation challenge put forth by Deepak Chopra here:

Easy and quick meditations go a long way to help you get your head on straight each day and tackle the obstacles that are surely waiting for you.

Today's message: "I am one with the breath of life". This is a simple reminder to breathe consciously and recognize that air is your life, nurture the breathing process and slow down every now and then.

Priceless advise if you ask me.


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