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Massage and Men's Health

John L. Pantera Jun 21, 2017 Massage Therapy

Men, now it’s your turn.  May was heavy with flowery Mother’s Day brunches, celebratory graduations, and emotional end-of-school-year events.  This month is all about you.  Not only did we celebrate Father’s Day last weekend, but right now we’re in the middle of National Men’s Health week.  It’s a great opportunity...

Can Massage Help Improve My Running?

John L. Pantera Jun 14, 2017 Massage Therapy

With the delightfully warm weather outside, do you find yourself itching to tie up your running shoes and hit the trail?  If so, you’re not alone.  In fact, in the US alone one in every ten adults runs for exercise.  And it’s for good reason; running is a relatively inexpensive mode of exercise, it burns a high number of calories, and it is terrific...

How Massage Can Help You Get Ready For Summer

John L. Pantera Jun 7, 2017 Massage Therapy

Weekend Warrior, this is YOUR season.  Weekends spent curled up on the couch watching movies or football are but distant, frosty memories.  Summer is here, and come Saturday, you want to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.  Whether you’re gardening, hiking, playing a sport, or hosting friends and family for a meal on the patio, you plan to soak up as much...

Benefits of Swimming as Exercise

John L. Pantera May 31, 2017 Nutrition & Fitness

As you’ve gotten older, we’re guessing your definition of “swimming” has changed a little.  When you were a toddler, swimming meant splashing around with plastic watering cans and arm floaties.  As a school-aged kid swimming became a little more serious, with some lessons or swim team thrown into the mix.  And now, as an adult, what does...

The Elements of Smart Business - John L. Pantera Interview

John L. Pantera May 24, 2017 Business & Leadership

John Pantera is an Elements Massage® franchisee in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts. Familiar with WellBiz Brands Inc., John owned two Fitness Together® franchises before starting his Elements Massage® franchise. When not running his studio, John is busy with his wife, Allison and their three children, Julia, Maria and Robert. Why Franchising? “My...

Getting Your Body Ready for the Golf Course

John L. Pantera May 18, 2017 Nutrition & Fitness

You have been waiting for this all year, and it’s FINALLY time.  Golf season is here! You have prepared by cleaning your golf shoes, wiping down your clubs, and restocking your bag with a fresh supply of balls.  You’ve gathered a few pals and are ready to OWN your tee time.  However, have you made sure your body is primed and ready...

Your Massage Therapist

John L. Pantera May 17, 2017 Massage Therapy

The massage therapist at each Elements Massage™ studio is an integral aspect of what separates Elements Massage™ from the competition. Elements Massage™ was founded by a massage therapist, Michele Merhib Maruniak, and was built by talented massage therapists providing personalized therapeutic massages to every client, every session. With a...

Why Massage Makes the Perfect Mother's Day Gift

John L. Pantera May 11, 2017 Holidays

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, which means that you’re hunting for the perfect gift for the beautiful, selfless, loving mom in your life.  It also means that newspapers, television, and the radio are awash with store ads and commercials. Businesses of every sort are telling you why their flowers, or their jewelry, or their candy, or their shoes are the...

Can Massage Help Relieve My Springtime Allergies?

John L. Pantera Apr 27, 2017 Massage Therapy

The stuffy nose.  The itchy eyes.  The constant scratchy throat.   The way your conversations with co-workers have been reduced to caveman-like grunts of allergy definers.  Them: “(Snort) Tree pollen.”  You: “(Hack) Ahh.  Grasses and mold.” Them: “Allergy pills?” You: “Nah, nose spray.” Our...

Celebrating Earth Day

John L. Pantera Apr 19, 2017 General

If you’re like us, you’ve been using every excuse you can think of to be outside and enjoy the spring sunshine.  With the greening grass, the spring flowers showing off their annual flamboyance, and the strikingly bright shade of blue in the sky, spring makes us appreciate nature in a unique and wonderful way.  And that’s why we are thrilled to pay...

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