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Can Massage Help Me Make Decisions?

John L. Pantera Nov 30, 2016 Massage Therapy

Are decisions your nemesis?  Are you always the one at the restaurant table still hemming and hawing over your menu, long after everyone else has ordered and the server is standing, poised and pen in hand, waiting for your decision?  Have you lived with various colors of sample paint smears on your wall for months, not being able to commit to one?  Have you still...

Can I Fight Holiday Stress With Massage?

John L. Pantera Nov 23, 2016 Massage Therapy

“The most wonderful time of the year” is quickly approaching.  Can you feel it?  You can surely tell, not by the whisper of jingle bells in the distance, or the smell of home baked peanut butter blossoms, but by the “magical” level of stress that arises with alarm every year around this time.  The store ads implore us to buy copious...

Are You Being Kind to Yourself?

John L. Pantera Nov 15, 2016 Life

“Be kind whenever possible.  It is always possible.”  When you read this quote by the Dalai Lama, what comes to mind?  Coming to the aid of a neighbor down on her luck?  Showing patience to the coworker who regularly tromps on your nerves?  Volunteering at the local homeless shelter?  We’re guessing that, to you, “being kind”...

What Will You Let Go Of This Fall?

John L. Pantera Nov 9, 2016 Life

Cozy sweaters, fragrant pots of soup simmering in the slow-cooker, thick socks, many cups of hot chocolate or steaming tea – this season has us taking up all the cold-weather habits and supplies we tossed aside during the summer months.  Some fight this arrival of chilly weather as they would a home intruder – “how dare you?  Get out of here! ...

National Massage Therapy Awareness Week

John L. Pantera Nov 2, 2016 News

Happy Massage Therapy Awareness Week!  What?  You didn’t get us anything?  That’s okay; in fact, we have some things for YOU in the form of “I bet you didn’t know” facts about massage therapy, as well as a few false notions we’d like to debunk.  Many professions have their common misunderstandings or misconceptions tied...

Himilayan Salt Stones

John L. Pantera Oct 26, 2016 Massage Therapy

You can count on Elements Massage® to deliver a personalized experience in every session, and now you can take that experience one step further.  Transform your next session and enjoy an increased sense of tranquility and well-being by choosing Himalayan Salt Stone Massage. Elements Massage has partnered with Saltability, providers of pure Himalayan salt stones.  Saltability’s...

Can Massage Help My Sciatica?

John L. Pantera Oct 25, 2016 Massage Therapy

If you’ve experienced back pain, you’re in good, albeit unfortunate, company.  It is estimated that 85% of Americans experience some type of back pain.  And if you’ve been diagnosed with sciatica and its signature pulsing pain that can radiate through your hip, leg, and foot, you know that it’s no picnic. A little Sciatica 101 lesson for you:  Your...

Can Massage Help With Digestion?

John L. Pantera Oct 12, 2016 Health

Here is, we’re guessing, a pretty common list of reasons of why you might call up your massage therapist to make an appointment: sore muscles, tight joints, excessive stress, and if you just need a little pampering.  Those are all great reasons, of course, and massage handles each of those things pretty effectively.  However, what about those pesky digestion issues? ...

3 Reasons Why You Need to Book Your Next Couples Massage

John L. Pantera Oct 5, 2016 Massage Therapy

Couples massage may be something you’ve seen depicted in movies, heard advertised around Valentine’s Day, or even seen, and skimmed over, on our menu of massage options.  In this massage experience you and a loved one are in the same room, and receive individual massages at the same time, from two different massage therapists.  If you’ve never considered...

Can a Single Massage Cure Your Stiff Muscles?

John L. Pantera Sep 28, 2016 Massage Therapy

Ouch.  You’ve majorly pulled a hamstring, and are limping around like Quasimodo, popping ibuprofen and sitting on as many ice packs as you’ve got in your freezer.  Craving relief, you decide to call your massage therapist, because surely a massage will cure your sore muscle, right?  We’ll get back to that question in a moment.  First,...

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