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Can Massage Help With My Heart Health?

John L. Pantera Feb 15, 2017 Health

Come February every year, we’ve got HEARTS on our mind.  However, we’re not thinking about frilly, pink, chocolate, or paper ones.  Rather, we’re talking about the life-giving, tireless organ that beats about 100,000 times a day just for you, every day.  Your heart – the fist-sized pump in your chest that is responsible for sending blood...

The Importance of Self-Care

John L. Pantera Feb 8, 2017 Health

The stores are awash in seas of pinks and reds.  Commercials and ads are imploring you to think of ways that you can show your loved ones how you feel about them.  Should it be flowers?  Candy?  Heart-shaped pizza and doughnuts?  There is no shortage of “helpful” suggestions for how to commemorate Valentine’s Day.  Can we add...

Hot Stone Massage

John L. Pantera Jan 31, 2017 Massage Therapy

Relaxing into a perfectly cozy Elements Massage™ table is quite possibly the most ahhhhhhh moment you can have. Knowing you are about to experience the best massage in the industry provides a mental state of bliss that lets your body release all tension and stress. This is the moment you work so hard for. There is only one thing that can make this moment more relaxing:...

A Massage That is Tailor-Made for You

John L. Pantera Jan 25, 2017 Massage Therapy

If there is one thing that people universally value, it’s our right to choose.  We want the exact kind of clothing, coffee, furniture, education, hairstyle, and food that suits us.  Author David McKay summed it up well when he said, “Freedom of choice is more to be treasured than any possession earth can give.”  Knowing this, why is it that...

Integrative Reflexology 101

John L. Pantera Jan 18, 2017 Massage Therapy

When you think of reflexology, what comes to mind?  Questionable storefronts in strip malls?  Claims that your kidneys are connected to your pinky toes?  Far-fetched pseudo-medical fiction?  What if we told you that reflexology is, in fact, a valid and valuable wellness practice?  What if reflexology is not only just something you should think...

Why Not Add A Massage to Your Apres-Ski Routine?

John L. Pantera Jan 17, 2017 Massage Therapy

With the temperatures now firmly planted around the freezing mark, and the mountains having received a healthy blanket of snow, you might be dreaming of slopes and ski lifts.  Getting to the top of the hill for your first run of the day, and turning your way down through a few inches of powder is a wonderful feeling.  Fast forward a few hours, and that “wonderful”’...

Top 5 Reasons to Get a Massage This Winter

John L. Pantera Jan 11, 2017 Massage Therapy

Yes, you’re busy.  And yes, you just spent a ton of money on the holidays.  And yes the thought of bundling up just to head someplace where you’ll take your clothes off may make you want to stay bundled up on your sofa.  However, we happen to believe that now is a great time to make an appointment with your massage therapist.  And in...

Top 5 Ways to Care for Yourself in 2017

John L. Pantera Jan 4, 2017 Health

Lose 20 pounds.  Get more organized.  Spend less money.  Sound familiar?  If you find yourself with a head full of high ambitions this time of year, you’re not alone.  An estimated 40% or more of us make New Year’s resolutions, and they’re often centered on self-improvement.  Wanting to improve yourself is great, but we’d...

How to Beat the Winter Blues

John L. Pantera Dec 28, 2016 Health

True, the frosty landscape and holiday lights of the winter months are beautiful.  And true, winter snow does bring with it a chance to partake in a unique set of fun winter activities.  However, for many of us, these shortened days and sunshine-starved months tend to bring on a major case of the winter blues.  If severe enough, those blues can be diagnosed as...

Can Massage Help Me Make Decisions?

John L. Pantera Nov 30, 2016 Massage Therapy

Are decisions your nemesis?  Are you always the one at the restaurant table still hemming and hawing over your menu, long after everyone else has ordered and the server is standing, poised and pen in hand, waiting for your decision?  Have you lived with various colors of sample paint smears on your wall for months, not being able to commit to one?  Have you still...

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