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Blog / Massage Therapy

What to Expect Before Your First Massage

Sep 1, 2019 Massage Therapy

Today is the day! You’re ready for your massage.. But it's your first time and you aren’t sure what to expect. What do you wear? Do you have to talk? How do you prepare? What should you expect? In order to get the best, most relaxing experience, we’re answering all your questions. Here’s how the experience will go down: Get Personal! Your...

What Type of Massage is Right For You?

Devon Shaw Aug 25, 2019 Massage Therapy

Choosing from a menu of massages can be overwhelming. Which one do you pick? What will work best for you? Each massage focuses on different healing approaches. Here are a few options and reasons to choose each. Deep Tissue Massage What is it? A deep tissue massage is the combination of various techniques used to increase the level of pressure applied to the body....

15 Reasons to Get a Massage

Devon Shaw Jul 14, 2019 Massage Therapy

Who doesn’t love a good massage? Many of us consider this an occasional indulgence, but it should be considered a part of your wellness plan. Massage therapy has a wide range of health benefits. (In case you need a reason), here are 15 reasons to get a massage. Boost immunity. According to the American Massage Therapy Association, regular massages...

The Benefits of Aromatherapy with Massage Therapy

Jun 30, 2019 Massage Therapy

AromaRitual® is an unparalleled massage + aromatherapy experience, designed to align your body and mind. Essential oils are used for a variety of reasons including: relaxation, pain management, mood boost, purification, headache relief and more.  What are the benefits? Aromatherapy is considered an older form of treatment, dating back almost 6,000 years. Essential...

Why am I Sore After a Massage?

Devon Shaw May 13, 2019 Massage Therapy

It’s the day after your massage, and when you roll out of bed you wonder to yourself, “Did I work out yesterday? Did I lift weights in my sleep?” Your muscles feel a little sore, and some seem a bit swollen, almost like they’re bruised. You think that surely something must be wrong. This soreness couldn’t possibly be a result from your massage...

What is Cupping Therapy?

Devon Shaw Apr 14, 2019 Massage Therapy

Recently, Elements Massage introduced cupping therapy as a brand-new service. Most people know what cupping looks like (think of those red rings everyone was freaking out about on Michael Phelps’ body during the 2016 Summer Olympics), but they don’t know much else. Let’s break it down. What is Cupping? Although it wasn’t popular in the mainstream...

Got Neck Pain? Types of Massages that can Help

Feb 26, 2019 Massage Therapy

Got Neck Pain? Types of Massages That Can Help  Feb 20, 2019      Usually caused by something simple, like hunching over your computer, neck pain is a common problem in the United States. In fact, neck pain is one of the most common chronic muscular disorders adults deal with in the U.S, according to the National Institute of Health. While...

The Essence of Calm

Dec 19, 2018 Massage Therapy

Does this sound familiar? You’re checking your holiday shopping list, for the fifth time. You’ve discovered you’re missing several gifts and important items for tonight’s holiday party. As the days tick by on your calendar, the stress of getting it all done before your in-laws arrive is starting to mount. It’s time for some wellness and self-care,...

What to Expect Before, During, and After Your First Massage

What To Expect Before, During and After Your First Massage Nov 21, 2018 Massage Therapy

Some people are nervous the first time they go for a massage, and that’s understandable. Questions come to mind like: What am I supposed to wear? Should I be speaking? Should the therapist? Will the therapist judge me on my physical appearance?   Here’s the thing: massage is meant to be therapeutic and enjoyable. You should be able to quickly get to the...

What Massage Can Do to Help Alleviate Tension Headaches

Sep 11, 2018 Massage Therapy

You’ve got three deadlines at work, you’re trying to pack your house for a move and your child just announced he’s not feeling well. Any ONE of those could send you down the path of a tension headache but all three together will definitely pack a punch.   What is a Tension Headache?   According to the Mayo Clinic: “A tension headache...

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