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Weekend Warrior

Weekend Warrior

Elements Massage Denver West

Quick Recovery for the Weekend Warrior Through Massage

Weekend Warriors – you hit it hard, give it all you’ve got, and may end up aching as a result. Even worse, you may end up with damage. Overuse injuries account for nearly half of all muscle, tendon, ligament, and bone complaints that are seen by healthcare providers. These types of injuries are not typically accident-related, but instead result from repeated stress on muscles, tendons, ligaments or bones.

With continued stress to these areas, tissue can become inflamed and weaken. Symptoms can include swelling, a loss of strength or speed, and pain during or after exercise or activity. So what’s a Weekend Warrior to do?

Some providers may prescribe steroids or pain medications. But your healthy lifestyle may include avoiding unnecessary pharmaceuticals – and they don’t correct the problem or heal the injury. You could stop participating in your activity. No, thanks! But you can speed recovery naturally AND prevent future injuries with regular massage, especially deep tissue massage.

Deep tissue massage can be described as a more intense form of Swedish massage which is considered by many to be “traditional massage.” Long appreciated for its ability to relax the whole body – from which there is great value alone – Swedish massage involves rubbing the muscles with long strokes, following the direction of blood flow back to the heart. In addition to the benefits of relaxation and releasing tension from the body, it boosts circulation, helps increase oxygen levels in the blood, helps remove toxins from the muscles, and improves flexibility. Deep tissue massage uses similar techniques but focuses on the deep layers of muscles and tendons and uses deeper pressure but not to the point of inflicting pain. Following are some specific benefits Weekend Warriors can expect.

  • Massage boosts the exchange of substances between tissue cells and the blood resulting in increased tissue metabolism. This increases blood flow which maximizes the availability of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles, helping the body repair itself.
  • After intense physical activity there is a build-up of waste products in the muscles including lactic acid and carbonic acid. The increased circulation that is generated by massage, especially deep tissue massage, helps the muscles release the toxins which speeds recovery time.
  • Muscles need to relax, rather than remain contracted, for healing and recovery after intense use. Massage is highly effective in relaxing the muscles as well as the nervous system. This helps alleviation symptoms of over-training which can interfere with building muscle effectively.
  • When connective tissue is stretched during massage therapy, the improved circulation that results helps prevent adhesions. This can also help the body retain chemicals such as phosphorous, sulfur and nitrogen – all needed for tissue to repair itself. 
  • Deep tissue massage helps release fluids and tension within the body which helps to relieve pain and speed healing.
  • Massage improves range of motion and muscle flexibility which yields more power and greater performance. This aids in building muscle, resulting in more efficient workouts and reducing the chance of injury.

Even if you’re not injured, regular massage is beneficial for Weekend Warriors in helping to relax muscles and relieve tension so you can keep at it, be at the top of your game, and reduce the risk of future injury. Enroll in our Elements Wellness Program™ to make massage a part of your fitness and training routine at discounted rates. You’ll be in good hands – Elements Massage™ is the #1 rated massage provider nationally. Warrior On!!

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