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Massage Can Help Manage Your Pain

Massage Can Help Manage Your Pain

Elements Massage Denver West

The effects of pain range widely – from a temporary inconvenience to serious debilitation that robs us of not only the ability to function fully in many areas of our lives, but enjoyment of life. Sources of pain may include chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia and chronic myofascial pain syndrome (CMPS). Pain may also be initiated by athletic activities, injuries or even sitting at your desk at work all day, every day. The good news is that massage can help alleviate and manage pain, regardless of its source. 

Deep tissue massage may often be the technique of choice by your massage therapist to address your pain. One misconception about deep tissue massage is that it means sessions of muscle-crushing agony. Your Elements Massage™ therapist can customize your session and apply proper pressure in the affected area(s), to provide relief without additional pain.

Traditionally designed to apply pressure deep beneath the skin, deep tissue massage reaches layers of muscle, ligaments, tendons and other tissues. The technique uses slow strokes and can be very effective in relieving chronic patterns of pain and tension, particularly in the back, shoulder and neck areas. This therapy supports the healing process and can relieve adhesions, chronic knots, muscle tension, and stress.

Another great benefit of massage, particularly deep tissue massage is that it promotes removal of toxins from the body which are created by metabolic functions such as breathing, digestion, and intense exercise. When muscles are under undue stress, not only do you experience pain and a disruption in mobility but a reduction in the flow of nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. This inhibits the ability of your body to naturally eliminate toxins and increases inflammation, which results in further accumulation of toxins in muscle tissues. As deep tissue massage loosens muscles, chemicals are released that dissolve toxins and other wastes, transporting them from the muscles to excretory organs.  The flow of nutrients and oxygen is improved and the release of natural painkillers such as endorphins and serotonin give the immune system a boost, along with relief from pain. Staying well-hydrated during and after massage therapy can help remove even more toxins.

Massage can help relieve and manage pain and contribute to your overall health and wellness. A customized massage session means that your specific issues are addressed each time you come in. For individuals who need the therapeutic relief of deep tissue massage on a regular basis, we offer the cost-effective Elements Wellness Program™. Take steps to manage your pain today! We look forward to working with you.

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