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The Benefits of Massage for Older Adults

The Benefits of Massage for Older Adults

Elements Massage of Clifton Park

As we age, massage therapy can play a key role in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Massage therapy may reduce pain, lower blood pressure and help manage the symptoms of various conditions, such as arthritis.

What an Expert Says

AMTA massage therapist Marilyn Kier recently discussed massage therapy for aging populations with the Chicago Tribune

"As you age and continue to be very active, you get normal age-related degeneration," Kier says. "You need sometimes to have a surgery. Other times, somebody like me can help if you have an overuse or strain. I can help people be more comfortable."

Kier says that massage therapy affects almost every system in the body. "For example, it helps to lower blood pressure and heal faster from strains. There's a lot of research. It can even improve immunity and help lower back pain."


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