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10 Things You Should Know About Swedish Massage

Amanda Brown Jan 13, 2016

Massage is a very ancient healing art, which was known in different parts of the world already thousands of years ago. Throughout history, the magical power of touch was widely practiced by Indian Ayurvedic healers, Chinese accupressurists, Tibetan lamas, and even European “white witches” who used massage together with herbs, spells, and powerful amulets to oust negative energies and cure people from diseases.

The modern Western form of massage, which you, most likely, will experience at a spa, clinic, or sports therapy center, emerged in the 19th century in Stockholm, and, since then, Swedish massage has become very popular thanks to its many enthusiastic followers.

Massage is a way to do something for yourself that pays off both physically and emotionally. It is a wonderful and pleasurable treatment that will heal your body and spirit, relax your muscles, and allow you to forget about stresses and a hectic lifestyle of a city gal. Let’s take a look at some of the great benefits of massage for your health and revitalized allure.

Swedish massage:

relieves muscular tension, stiffness, and pain - helps with fibromyalgia, arthritis, and even chronic tension headaches;
increases flexibility;
reduces fatigue, stress, depression, and anxiety;
improves posture;
enhances athletic performance;
improves circulation and reduces swelling and edema;
alleviates PMS and menopausal symptoms;
helps with cellulite and weight-related problems;
improves respiratory function, which is especially important if you smoke or suffer from asthma or frequent coughs;
increases activity of your immune system, which protects you from bouts of cold and flu.

Indeed, Swedish massage can be an effective answer to almost any health concern!

After treatment at a spa or from your local registered massage therapist, you will feel very relaxed and experience new freedom from long-term aches and pains. This deep relaxation can make your body slightly tired, but this feeling passes quickly and you will then notice a bloom of increased energy, sharper awareness, improved mood, and greater productivity that can last for days!


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