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The Elements Way | Pressure Level System​

Expert certified therapists focused on delivering the client's massage.

  • The right techniques
  • The right pressure
  • The right places

A predictably holistic personalized massage every time.

Level System

  • Level 1 gives a light and...

Nicholas | Therapist - Level 3+

Available Monday, Saturday, Sunday

Favorite Area Of Focus: His favorite modalities include Rolfing, Myofacial, and Neuromuscular massage. 
Joined Elements Team: July 2016

Nicholas recently moved down from Summit County where he was working as a Massage Therapist. Prior to that Nicholas was living in Costa Rica where he earned his Massage Therapy Certification.

Nicholas has traveled to Ireland and various places in...

Kenna | Therapist - Level 3

Education: Colorado School of Healing Arts 2016
Favorite Area Of Focus: Sports Massage or Deep Tissue, both integrated with Swedish techniques.
Joined Elements Team: July 2016
Favorite Place Visited: France, Italy, Jamaica

Kenna's philosophy on healing:

Massage is great for making people feel reat and it has helped me physically, mentally, and emotionally. Massage has healed me in so many ways, I believe it is my responsibility to help other people the way it has...

Jennifer (previously at Southglenn) | Therapist - Level 3+

Available Monday, Friday, Sunday

Favorite Area Of Focus: My favorite massage to provide is to listen to the client and give them what they ask for.


"You are an artist!"
"That was the best massage I've ever had."

Jennifer graduated with honors in 1992 from the Boulder School of Massage Therapy. She continued her massage education and received further certifications from courses in Advanced Bodywork, Neuromuscular Massage, Zentherapy, Sports and Orthopedic...

Jenny | Therapist - Level 3

Favorite Area Of Focus: My focus is less about a particular style, though if I had to choose I would list Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Neuromuscular Techniques. More my focus is about investigating needs of a problem then matching the massage to suit it through an open dialog with the client and their muscle response complex.
Joined Elements Team: July 2015

Jenny graduated from Heritage College in 2002. 

Places lived:  I've stayed here and there in the Denver Metro area, and grew up i Edgewater.  My favorite neighborhood to date is Capitol Hill. I spent a summer in the San Luis Valley in Southern...

Kimber | Therapist - Level 4

Kimber studied massage at The Aveda Institute.

She grew up in the Mid-West but considers Colorado home.

Kimber's dream vacation would be to travel the world in 365 days.

Her favorite modalities are myofacial release, pre-natal, sports and...

Monica | Therapist - Level 3

Joined Elements Team: Oct 2014

Monica graduated from The Denver School of Massage Therapy in 2012.  She is trained in many massage modalities but her favorites consist of Swedish, Sports, and Craniosacral therapy.

Monica has lived in a few different places other than Colorado...

Carlton | Therapist - Level 4

Specialties: Carlton loves to provide a custom massage, tailored to the individual client's needs, usually employing a mixture of modalities. His specialties include: deep tissue, trigger point, TMJ, sport, prenatal, hot stone and Swedish massage.
Joined Elements Team: September 2008
Favorite Quote: His healing philosophy is, "Listen to your body, it's needs and wants and it will let you know what it needs to feel better, it is a natural process, supported and encourage through massage".
Favorite Place Visited: Carlton has lived in Illinois, Wisconsin and Colorado and has has traveled much of the east coast of the US. His dream vacation is simply and honestly, "anywhere with family and friends"

Carlton studied at Cambridge College, and graduated in 2005 as a member of the Alpfa Beta Kappa National Honor Society. Prior to Massage, Carlton served time in the corporate world.
Modalities include: deep tissue, trigger point, TMJ, sport,...

Paul | Therapist - Level 4

Favorite Area Of Focus: Paul's favorite massage to provide is a fully relaxing, soothing Swedish massage addressing the full body. He often incorporates both Hot Stone and Ice Massage as well.
Specialties: Deep tissue, hot stone, sport and Swedish Massage
Joined Elements Team: October 2010
Favorite Place Visited: Paul has lived in Colorado his entire life and has traveled the US and Germany.

Paul also has his certification in Personal Training and is very knowledgable and helpful in recommending and illustrating stretches based on the findings of your body's needs.
Modalities include: deep tissue, hot stone, sport, Swedish...

Robyn | Therapist - Level 3+

Favorite Area Of Focus: Reflexology, rain drop and Shiatsu massage
Specialties: Prenatal, sport, hot stone and deep tissue massage
Favorite Quote: Her philosophy on healing is,"…be tender hearted; your best is all there is"
Favorite Place Visited: She has lived in Wyoming, New Mexico, Colorado and Japan.

Previous to massage, Robyn was a candle maker, an English teacher and a terrorist impersonator/actor for military training scenarios.

What our clients have said about Robyn:

"Robyn is my therapist at Elements. She is friendly, professional...

Jen | Therapist - Level 3

Specialties: Sports and Swedish Massage
Joined Elements Team: November 2013
Favorite Quote: Philosophy on Healing "You should do everything in your power to help the client and fullfill their needs"
Favorite Place Visited: She lived in Minnesota prior to relocating to Colorado. Jennifer has travel to Canada, California, Florida and Texas.

Jen is a recent Graduate of The Colorado School of Healing Arts.
Modalities include: Sports and Swedish Massage, hot stone and trauma touch certified

What our clients have said about Jen: 

"Elements is easy to work with and the therapists are...

Karen | Therapist - Level 4

Specialties: Deep Tissue/Sports Therapy, Swedish, Hot Stone, Prenatal, Trigger Point and chair massages. She has had training in Healing and Trauma touch, Cranial Sacral, Reflexology and Lymphatic massage.
Joined Elements Team: March 2012

Karen is a Certified Massage Therapist of six years, who graduated and obtained her AOS Degree from the Colorado School of Healing Arts. She also has training in Counseling, a long history in nursing care, has a heart toward the hurting and rejected...

Stephanie | Therapist - Level 4

Joined Elements Team: June 2011
Favorite Quote: Her philosphy on healing, ....." I believe in the mind, body and soul connection. I believe that massage not only rejuvinates and restores natural balance of body but also fosters a peace of mind and sooths the soul."
Favorite Place Visited: She has traveled throughout the US, Central America, Mexico, Hong Kong and Australia

Steph has a BA in Psycology from UNC and Massage training and certification from the East West College of Healing Arts. Prior to her life as a massage therapist Stephanie worked with special needs children.
Modalities include: myofascial, deep...