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Cooler Weather Means Fall: Fun Activities for the Family

Cooler Weather Means Fall: Fun Activities for the Family

Julia Barnett

With the season changing, it is time to start thinking of some new things to do with the family. But how do you decide? Fall offers so many fun and exciting activities to do! The only question that you will have to answer is how far are you willing to go?

Staying local in Castle Rock would be a perfect place to start. This small town offers a wide variety of family-oriented events to go visit. With the first event being so soon, it is time you heard about the Harvest Festival.

This festival is held in the heart of downtown Castle Rock at Festival park. It takes place on October 15th and will be going on from 2-8 pm. Here you will be able to see a pumpkin wall get lit up, enjoy a maze made from hay bales, and an endless amount of food and drink. The Harvest Festivals brings joy and smiles to you and your family. More information can be found on the town website under events.

After enjoying the fun environment that Festival Park offers, you can take a walking tour of Ceder Hill Cemetery. While this might not be for everyone, it starts at dusk on Saturday, October, 24th at the Castle Rock Museum. Here you will learn about many stories about pioneers and get the history of the deceased that remain there. If you are looking for something that will make the hairs stand on your neck then you might want to look for something spookier. Thankfully, the fire department opens a haunted house each year.

Castle of Terror opens of October 8th for the public. With tickets only being $10, it is a fun and affordable activity for the whole family. As you walk through the old firehouse, you are sure to be jumping from the things that sneak up on you. It could get a little scary! Now if this is not where you are wanting to take your little children, there is always another option.

Spooktacular 2016 is held at the Miller Activity Complex and offers a less freaky way to enjoy these fall events. Here is where the children can run around and enjoy jumping on bounce houses, getting their faces painted, and much more. Having this event held on October 29th from 1-3 allows the entire family to enjoy Halloween before it even gets here!

Now comes the time to commute out of Castle Rock and venture out to the surrounding areas. Larkspur, Denver, and Arvada each offer something that just can not be refused. They hold some very fun, family-oriented events that are hard to resist.

Every year Larkspur is the home of the Colorado Pumpkin Patch. They offer so much for the family. You can go and ride ponies, go down some massive slides, obviously pick out the best pumpkin to carve for your front porch. It was even named on of the top places to take your kids. This is only a small list of what you can find at this pumpkin patch in Larkspur, CO.

Going more north into Denver, you are going to find plenty of haunted houses and coffee shops offering warm beverages. More importantly, you will find the Museum of Nature and Science. This is a great environment for you to take your kids. It is fun and educational and even has some free days coming up! So don't forget to mark your calendars that October 24th, November 13th and December 12th are all free days at the museum. This gets you out of the cold and allows the opportunity to learn more from each exhibit.

Lastly, Arvada is hosting a Festival of Scarecrows. This is the place where your kids can go and dress up for a costume parade and play around in the pumpkin patch they offer as well. Holding this event in Olde Towne Square makes it fairly easy to get to and with this coming up on October 8th, it offers a fun Saturday event for everyone. Not to mention, this event is free!


If you are feeling really adventurous, there is always the option of driving out west to the mountains and seeing all the leaves change colors. With this weekend being one of the peak weekends to see the colors of fall reflected on the trees, the mountains pose a great trip for the whole family. Each town offers something special that the other does not; but, the one aspect they all offer is a great view and fun time for everyone.

So now it is time to get the family out for all the fun activities that this fall season has to offer!


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