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Elements Massage 10575 NE 12th St. #17
Bellevue, WA   98004
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10575 NE 12th St. #17
Bellevue, WA 98004

Mon - Sun 9am - 9pm
24-Hour Cancellation Policy

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Relieve Your Body’s Pressure Points

Relieve Your Body’s Pressure Points


Why does a massage feel so good? Because it addresses your body’s major pressure points. Massage can be therapeutic, pleasurable, relieve pain, improve circulation, and increase energy flow throughout the body. Your body is made up of hundreds of pressure points that are located in soft tissue near nerve endings and joints. These areas are highly sensitive and should be manipulated carefully to avoid pain or injury, which is why it’s beneficial to have a trained massage therapist provide treatment rather than applying pressure yourself.

Think of your body as a whole entity that works together rather than individual parts. When one area is in pain, it throws your mechanisms off balance, which is why a knot in your back can cause a headache. These are some of the major pressure points in your body that will generally be focused on during a massage session:

Neck: Neck muscles are sensitive and overworked—you’ve probably woken up with a huge knot in your neck from a crooked sleeping position and spent the day applying pressure to that spot. The neck’s pressure points are located along the muscles that descend from the sides of the neck to the shoulders.

Spine: Perhaps the most pleasurable part of a massage is for your back since it’s an area that cannot easily be reached yourself. The muscles lining the spine hold pressure points from the base of the skull all the way down to the pelvis. Applying the right amounts of pressure to either side of the spine is an important technique in massage therapy, but weight should never be applied to the spine directly.

Hands: The pressure points in your hands can provide pain relief throughout the body—especially headaches. The soft skin between the thumb and index finger contains one of these points, as well as the folds of your wrist.

Feet: Those who are ticklish beware. The ball of the foot, located on the sole behind the big toe, is a major pressure point that has an affect on pain in other parts of the body. Other points are on the heel and below each toe. Full-body massages will include treatment for your feet and hands.

Give your body’s pressure points some relief with an Elements Massage.

Contact us at Elements Massage for an appointment and give your body relief!

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