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Get the Right Massage for YOU

Get the Right Massage for YOU


A massage is so much more than someone putting pressure on your back. There are numerous types of massage that require unique training and provide different results. At Elements Massage, our professional and highly trained massage therapists have mastered different types of massage in order for each individual to reach personal health goals. Each Elements therapist is trained in Swedish and deep tissue massage, along with blending techniques to maximize the release of tension. Everyone has special areas of expertise in addition to the basics.

When you make an appointment at Elements, you will be matched with the right therapist and type of massage. We look at your health history, lifestyle choices, and goals in order to provide the appropriate massage session for you. Elements therapists help you understand your options so that you’ll get the greatest therapeutic benefit from your massage session, leaving rejuvenated and refreshed. These are the different massage techniques used by Elements therapists:

Deep Tissue Massage

Best for: Chronically tight or painful muscles, repetitive strain, postural problems, injury recovery

Hot Stone Massage

Best for: Easing muscle tension without deep pressure; maximizing massage time

Prenatal Massage

Best for: Decreasing swelling, relieving aches and pains, easing the physical and emotional stresses of pregnancy

Sports Massage

Best for: Preventing and treating injury while enhancing athletic performance

Swedish Massage

Best for: Relaxation, stress relief, your first massage

Trigger Point

Best for: Easing knots where the body holds tension

Whether you’re recovering from an injury, trying to work out a kink in your neck, or need to relieve some stress, Elements Massage can help. We customize each massage to fit your specific needs, which often incorporates techniques from each type. Our approach is designed to match you with the right therapist and massage technique to ensure you receive the best treatment possible.


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