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End Your Day the Right Way with an Elements Massage

End Your Day the Right Way with an Elements Massage


Whether you’re looking for a way to de-stress after a hectic work day or need a great gift idea for that special someone, Elements Massage offers a variety of services for whatever your massage needs may be. Our convenient location on Bellevue Way makes us accessible and convenient from all areas of the eastside. Squeeze a massage into your day and you won’t regret how you feel afterwards. If you’re wondering when a good time is to get a massage, here are some reasons to.


After work

Massages are proven stress-relievers for both your body and mind. Long work days can be hard on you physically and mentally, leaving you stressed or grumpy long after 9-5. A massage will rejuvenate your spirit so that weight on your shoulders won’t carry over into your personal life or into the next day at the office.


As a gift

The best type of gift is one that makes the recipient feel good, and a massage will literally do just that. We offer gift cards so you can share the gift of mind and body healing with someone special. This makes the perfect present for parents, significant others, siblings, or someone who you don’t quite know what to buy. The gift of massage is great for any occasion and can be enjoyed by everyone.



A massage is ideal for your body after a long bike ride, walk, or workout. Whether you’re sore or not, the techniques used by massage therapists will alleviate tension in the muscles that can extend the work you’ve done to them. It’s important to balance muscle exertion and stretch all muscle groups, which a full body or deep tissue massage can do.


Treat yourself

Yes, there are endless health benefits that result from massage, but it also just feels amazing! Even if both your mind and body feel fine, you can never go wrong with a massage. It’s so important to take time for yourself—forget that ice cream cone you’ve been eying, treat yourself by doing something that will make your body feel refreshed and healthy.

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