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Words of Wellness

I Work With Bodies

I Work With Bodies

Amanda Bell, LMP MA60048615

For about 8 years, now, I've been licensed and working as a massage therapist. I see all kinds of bodies and talk with all sorts of people.

I've worked with journalists and musicians. Artists. Engineers. Laborers. Stay at home mothers and single parents. Office workers and athletes.

I've seen bodies that have endured years of neglect by their owners. And others who's owners treat them as temples. I've seen bodies who've become canvases of incredible artwork. And other's still, that are covered in scars.

I've had the privilege of touching those scars. They read under my hands like a braille map of what they've overcome. From broken bones and reconstructive surgery-to joint replacements and amputations. Skin grafts and cancer treatments....I've seen a lot.

I've spoken to people from all walks of life. And heard many stories of both triumph and loss. Successful careers, substance abuse, adventure and travel, graduations and funerals. Stories about children and grandchildren, of childhood memories and present goals. I've heard my clients talk about illness and pain.

I've reveled in their achievements. I've felt their grief.

If the walls of my treatment room could speak, they would fill your ears with hours upon hours of stories from the years gone by.

My time is filled by their experiences and I've heard many things...

But, beneath my hands-under all the layers of tissue and bone- under all the scars and memories from all the lives I've touched- I can feel *them.*

I feel their energy. I feel the soothing rhythm that feeds and drives each of them.

Some are hardy and deep like the kick of a drum.

Some flutter like butterflies.

Others feel like the rush of the ocean;that strong unforgiving tide that pushes and pulls with each breath.

There are some that flicker and some that *burn.*

Beneath my hands I *feel them.*

Beneath my hands they are more than just muscle; more than just faces; more than just a body.

Beneath my hands, I've felt the heat from many souls....

I say that I work with bodies for a living...but that's not really true. I work with souls.

And I'm truly humbled and honored to do it.

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