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Why Massage Therapists Tell You to Drink Water and Why They Mean It!

Why Massage Therapists Tell You to Drink Water and Why They Mean It!

Ashlyn (LMT)

If you have ever had a massage, there is a great chance you have heard your therapist say at the end, “Remember to drink a lot of water…” and then any other following homework they have for you.

Now, let’s be honest here. How many of you are actually listening to our recommendations when we tell you to drink water? How many of you are having less than 60 oz. for the rest of the night? How many of you are drinking at least 80 oz. the next day? How many of you are drinking beer or wine that same night after your massage? (Hopefully not too many of you)

Not following this advice after your massage can actually cause you to feel worse and have the opposite effect on your body verses the reason you originally booked the session. If you do not drink sufficient water after any massage, you will feel like you got hit by a truck for the next two days and you might be inclined to think it was because of the massage techniques used during your session. Those toxins will relocate themselves in a different weak spot in your body. The toxins that just got worked out won’t finish flushing through your system if you’re not drinking at least 80 oz. of water for the next 48 hours following a massage, regardless if it was a light Swedish, Deep Tissue, or a “go so deep I could cry” session.

Think of your body as a pumping system. You are 75% water. By the time you are licking your lips – you are dehydrated. By the time you think, “I’m hungry” – you are dehydrated. And by the time you are drinking water – you are really dehydrated. And when you are dehydrated, your pumping system gets full of stagnant, gloppy, sludge – trudging through your system, feeding your muscles and feeding your bloodstream with all that toxicity. The average recommendation of daily water intake is eight 8 oz. glasses. That is 640z of life source your body needs to perform at an average functionality. If you are an active person, you’d better be hiking that number up. The more active you are, the more water you need. There’s no way around it. To drink less than that in a day is asking for trouble. Water, and plenty of it, is critical to sustaining a long and healthy life.

When you listen to us and you are drinking a lot of water in the following 48 hours after your massage, you are creating a tsunami of rejuvenation and revitalization inside your vessel. You know those Draino commercials where it shows the clogged pipe first and then it shows the Draino being poured down the sink and it whooshes out the gunk leaving the drain sparkling and like-new? That’s what you are doing when you follow our advice after a massage. You are flushing your system out with extra water so you can feel like new again!  All that gunk is JUST WHOOSHING right out of you! So stay close to a bathroom and keep some Kleenex nearby, because your body is SICK AND TIRED of holding onto those toxins! And you should be, too!

It’s a simple process and one you should be excited to do. We are moving onward to a healthier mindset all across America. Health is the new black, but water has always been and always will be, in style. So drink it all the time! Make that your main drink, your drink of choice, and your favorite drink. Allow yourself to fall in love with water all over again and take it upon yourself to drink it on a daily basis, so when you do get a massage you can smile and say, “I can definitely do that.” And to start the process you may want to finish your complimentary water before you even leave the studio "


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