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Why Desk Jobs Cause Harm to Our Bodies

Why Desk Jobs Cause Harm to Our Bodies

Amanda & Michael

Cushy desk jobs are far from cushy! Anyone who’s had to sit still for hours at a time knows that sitting at a desk is strenuous and uncomfortable for a multitude of reasons.

The postural muscles working to keep our backs straight can tire over an 8+ hour shift, which can cause us to slump forward. Combine that with locking our arms, wrists, and hands over a keyboard, our necks stiffened while staring at a computer screen, holding phones up to our ears, and writing post-it notes. That’s a lot of stress on our bodies!

With the muscles of our backs weakened and overstretched, the muscles of our front-side torso tight and restricted, we develop a hyperkyphotic condition, or what is more commonly referred to as rounded shoulders and a hunched back.

This condition, if left unaddressed, starts a downward spiral of pain and suffering, stiffening the muscles and connective tissue, and ultimately creating a holding pattern of tension. The fatigued muscles lose the ability to easily self-correct and the negative feedback cycle continues, eventually causing other issues to arise.

From the couch potato to the college student, the working class to CEOs, whether  a person is leisurely playing video games, studying, texting, or doing anything on a computer; we are hunched forward, shoulders internally rotated, head bowed and we are basically wrecking our bodies.

So what should we do? Take frequent breaks from these positions, stretch multiple times a day and yes, GET A GOOD MASSAGE!

Therapeutic massage is a great way to improve this condition and to prevent it in the first place. We can show you the proper stretches to do and will provide relief to those tight and overworked muscles, helping you keep your body in ideal alignment so that you can maintain good long-term health and feel vibrant!

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