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What Should I Wear, and How Much, for my Massage?

What Should I Wear, and How Much, for my Massage?

Jeff Willig

Massage – Undress to Your Level of Comfort

Has your massage therapist told you to “undress to your level of comfort”?  Wondering what that actually means? 

First, the word “comfort” is the most important part of that statement.  If you aren’t comfortable, you won’t relax.  If you don’t relax, no matter how great your therapist is, they won’t be able to achieve the results – pain or stress relief – that you want.  If your body is tense for any reason during a massage, the muscles are tight making it difficult if not impossible for your therapist to create lasting benefits.

Most therapists can work around or through light clothing to relax your muscles and smooth out the knots that might be causing you discomfort or pain.  Having said that, the fewer clothes you wear allow for the addition of lotion to your massage and make for easier access to trouble areas by your therapist. 

Lotion reduces the ‘drag’ of the therapist’s hands on your skin.  The right amount of lotion creates enough glide for hands to move smoothly but slowly over each muscle, feeling for all the normal ripples and abnormal knots that need to be worked.  Too many clothes make it more difficult to apply lotion.

Therapists position their body in all sorts of ways to enable them to get the right amount of pressure during a massage without straining their own bodies.  Remember, they do this for several hours during a day.  Clothing can make it more difficult for therapists to achieve the best positions to provide attention to specific muscles.

The most important state is really YOUR comfort.  Therapists will find a way to work around clothing.  What they can’t work around is you in a less than relaxed state.  For best results, ensure your level of dress or undress makes you feel comfortable.

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