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Employee Productivity and Massage

Employee Productivity and Massage

Pam Garrett

Stress in the workplace and the resulting loss of productivity, increase in health costs and decrease in employee morale, is costing U.S. businesses an average of $200 billion a year according to the American Psychological Association.

Stress causes tight muscles.  Tight muscles are aggravated by sitting at a desk for long hours.  Add a computer monitor that might be stared at all day and the results are decreased energy, susceptibility to disease as well as repetitive injuries, and rising employee absenteeism.  

Many employers are at a loss as to how to address this alarming trend.  Others are fighting back by helping employees relax and re-energize at work offering services such as chair massage.  

  • Increase Productivity:  Just 15 minutes a week has been shown to reduce muscle tension and rejuvenate
  • Reduce Absenteeism:  With 50% of employee absences stemming from stress, chair massage can reduce the cost of absenteeism to businesses.
  • Lower Health Care Costs:  Regular workplace massage can reduce the need for doctor visits.  
  • Employee Good Will: Employees perceive on-sight massage as a benefit... even when they pay for it themselves.  Workers consistently report improved mood after their massage session. 

Employers who can boast these type of benefits are also able to attract and retain the top quality individuals that can drive their company's success.  

It's a win/win... employees benefit from greater comfort, lower blood pressure, and rejuvenation.  Employers benefit from a more productive work team.    

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