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Getting a Jump on Holiday Stress

Oct 10, 2018 Wellness News

The stores are starting to get geared up for the holidays so now is a good time to plan how you’re going to manage a time period that is often fun but can also be stressful. Self-care tends to be the last thing on our already busy holiday lists of things to do, but it shouldn’t be. You can’t be present and enjoy the holidays if you’re worn out by November.

From Amateur to Pro, How our Massage Therapists Got Here

Oct 10, 2018 Our Studio

Becoming a massage therapist is no easy job. It is an art form that requires complete mastery of the dozens of skills required for a masterful massage. It’s not just rubbing your hands together on someone’s back, but finding the exact pressure points, knowing the anatomy and knowing what to do with those pressure points as you flow toxins out of the body and force...

Experience the Karmic Effect of Being Nice

Oct 4, 2018 Wellness News

Finding a way to spread a little kindness isn’t hard; all you have to do is commit yourself to doing it and you’ll see the opportunities present themselves left, right and center! Be the start of a kindness ripple effect: it will come back to you again and again!

5 Reasons Why a Massage Will Help Your Pregnancy

Oct 3, 2018 Our Studio

No one in their right mind ever said pregnancy is painless. The body is working 24/7 to create another living human being from within. It’s a magical process and one of the most exhausting experiences ever faced by humans. Fatigue, back pain, leg pain, swelling, anxiety, stress, and depression – all common side effects of a healthy pregnancy. For anyone who can’t...

Thinking of Getting a Hot Stone Massage? Here's Everything You Need to Know!

Sep 26, 2018 Our Studio

Hot Stone massage is one of the most relaxing forms of massage one can get. What makes it so relaxing? Why does it work so well? Today we're going to explore with you the origins, techniques, and benefits of a Hot Stone massage. Without further introduction, let's dive right in. Origin Hot Stone Massage is as old as written civilization. It is believed to have originated...

Staying Healthy Through the Change of Seasons

Sep 18, 2018 Wellness News

As the weather starts to change and get cooler, so do viruses! They come out of their summer hibernation and begin to look for warmer hosts, like our bodies! With the start of school and spending more time indoors in inclement weather, passing those viruses along to one another becomes more likely too.  There are several ways you can minimize your chances of picking up a cold or flu virus, with just a little more self-care and effort.

Is Swedish Massage Really Swedish?

Sep 13, 2018 Wellness

Swedish Massage is the foundation of Western Massage therapy. It is defined by using certain techniques to increase blood flow, relieve tension, and create a full-body relaxation experience. From the name, one can guess that it was invented in Sweden or by a Swede, but the history is much more complicated than that. Today we're taking you a little history lesson to find...

The Science Behind Deep Tissue Massage

Sep 12, 2018 Our Studio

  A lot of science is involved in Deep Tissue Massage. While there is still a lot of research to be done, here is a little primer on the science behind what we do.    #deeptissue #massage #science #massagetherapy The Science Behind Deep Tissue Massage Deep tissue massage is known for healing chronic pain. For thousands of years it has worked by...

What Massage Can Do to Help Alleviate Tension Headaches

Sep 11, 2018 Wellness News

"The main message here for tension headache sufferers is to put together a series of targeted massage sessions which seek to alleviate the muscle tension and accumulated stress contributing to the cause of the headaches,” says Elements Massage Chief Wellness Officer, Eric Stephenson.  He adds, “committing to multiple sessions over a short period of time can yield cumulative effects which can be felt in decreased frequency, duration and pain levels.”

Five Self-Care Practices to Schedule Into Your Week

Sep 5, 2018 Wellness News

Self-care is vital, however. Without it, you can become unmotivated at best or burnt out and plain unhealthy, at worst. Taking care of yourself by adding some stress relieving activities into your weekly schedule isn’t selfish or self-indulgent. It’s crucial to your physical and mental health! You can’t be a good parent, child, sibling, friend or worker if you’re tearing your hair out at the root and losing sleep!

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