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Blog / Our Studio

The 5 Techniques of Swedish Massage

Jun 24, 2019 Our Studio

Swedish massage, also known as “classic massage” in Europe and other parts of the world, is the traditional massage most people in the U.S. get. It’s unique in that its techniques follow a specific order. This massage does more than leave you relaxed. Athletes find Swedish massage to be useful for keeping their muscles relaxed and preventing injury. Swedish...

3 Ways to Celebrate the Summer

Jun 17, 2019 Our Studio

  Summer is just two days away. There are lots of reasons to dislike the summer. The heat can be blaring (and it’s getting worse every year), the humidity can be dreadful, people with asthma see worse symptoms this time of year, and your electrical bill could skyrocket from all the work your AC is doing.   But there are reasons to be excited as well....

How To Take Care of Yourself Before and After a Massage

Jun 10, 2019 Our Studio

  The goal of a massage is to leave you feeling both relaxed and invigorated. The massage therapist’s magic can do wonders for healing your body. But there are steps you can take to make sure that you are ready for the best massage you can get. Stay Hydrated Having enough water in your system is vital for self-care and it makes your massage experience...

The Calming Power of Swedish Massage

Jun 3, 2019 Our Studio

  Swedish massage (called traditional massage in Europe) is one of the most powerful relaxants we humans know. The magic of a traditional massage cannot be understated. It heals your mind, your body, your brain, your muscles, everything.   We deeply appreciate the power of massage and what it can do for you. It goes beyond a traditional spa pampering,...

3 Ways to Treat Yourself That Are Worth the Money

May 27, 2019 Our Studio

  We all need to give ourselves treats to remind us how special and valuable we are as people. We deserve to do things for ourselves, and that’s a hard thing to do sometimes. We spend so much time taking care of others that we forget to take care of ourselves.   And it shows when we try to take care of ourselves because many of us don’t know...

4 Ways Massage Can Cleanse Your Mind

May 19, 2019 Our Studio

  We all need a cleanse. A way of getting rid of whatever toxins might be in our body. We’re talking about more than your normal liver functions. We’re also talking about stress, anxiety, pain, tension, and knots. All of these are toxins that pollute your body.   While a lot of attention is paid to the toxins around your back and got, the physical...

The Ancient Art of Massage

May 12, 2019 Our Studio

  Our journey starts at around 3000 BC in the two epicenters of the world, Egypt and China. Back then, these were the two most advanced empires in the world, each with its own incredibly complex and impressive medical and scientific practices.   We have records of massage practices in the tombs of Egypt, and hints of reflexology being used on patients....

4 Ways You Can Reduce Anxiety Right Now

May 6, 2019 Our Studio

Anxiety attacks don’t wait for your therapist appointment. Anxiety attacks are scary and debilitating. Any complex action basically falls out the window and you have no choice but to sit down and go through the ride.   It’s important to remember that anxiety ebbs and flows between low periods and high. Meaning that no matter how bad your attack is or how...

2 Reasons Why Aromatherapy and Massage Work So Well Together

Apr 27, 2019 Our Studio

Aromatherapy massage. It’s your favorite Swedish massage taken to the next level. Magic happens when powerful essential oils are met with the hands of an expert massage therapist. The experience is beyond any normal massage. Why does it work so well? Essential Oils Work So much of our mood and our mindset is influenced by our surroundings. Our senses inform our...

3 Tips on Self Care

Apr 22, 2019 Our Studio

  Self care is a term thrown around a lot these days. It can be hard to know exactly what it means. Usually, folks have the image of over indulging. Going on a shopping spree or buying some food you really like. But that kind of “treat yourself” mentality is a bandaid, not a cure.   Everyone needs self care, and you know it’s something...

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