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Elements hosts Good Morning, Greater Sarasota

Elements hosts Good Morning, Greater Sarasota

 On Wednesday, November 4th Elements hosted a successful Sarasota Chamber monthly breakfast meeting for early bird networking,  coffee, and breakfast.

Good Morning, Greater Sarasota meetings are held to allow Sarasota Chamber members:

· To be and be seen: Introduce yourself and your business/product/service to Chamber members and guests.

· To meet and speak with your current and future customers/clients/strategic allies.

· To hear business news you can use.

· To grow yourself: Pick up a monthly management tip.

· To grow your business: Pick up a sales tip of the month.

· To hear the latest on what the Chamber is doing for you.

· To find out what it takes to be successful from a best practices business.

Elements welcomed the opportunity to host the Sarasota Chamber members!


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