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Cheating on Your Therapist

Cheating on Your Therapist

By Jenna Geleff, NCMT

We all have a favorite therapist, and that’s a good thing. Your MT is like a good friend, taking care of those sore aching muscles week after week and listening to our newest life developments with rapt attention (or, for some of us, simply allowing for complete silence.) Meshing well with our MTs is one of the most important factors in guaranteeing a positive experience during our sessions.

However, life happens. Even the healthiest and most experienced MT has to take his or her own time. While vacation and recuperation is great for the MT, it leaves us as clients at a bit of a loss. So what are we to do when our favorite MT, our dear friend, leaves us for a few weeks?

We cheat.

It’s not as mean as it sounds. In fact, most MTs encourage their clients to find a back-up. MTs understand the importance of massage, and if they are not available to provide your session, it’s always good to have a second choice in mind. As well as being a fresh face, your back-up MT knows different styles and techniques that may be beneficial to you.

Be adventurous with massage! Never tried deep tissue? Give it a go with a level 3+ MT. Curious about energy work? Many bodyworkers incorporate it! Try out a MT of a different gender to gauge the pressure differences. Better yet, ask your new MT what modalities they enjoy most, and let them use one on you! Many bodywork avenues will open up for you if you simply go into it with an open mind.

If something new and exciting just isn’t for you, many MTs are able to customize their style to what you need. The staff at Elements is very knowledgeable about massage therapy styles. Talk to the front desk about what you enjoy in a massage, and they can easily match you with a different MT. If you’re uncomfortable speaking with the front desk, simply ask your favorite MT directly who they recommend based on your individual needs: “Say, if you ever take a sick day, who should I see instead…?” It’s an easy conversation to have, and your MT will admire your commitment to good health.

Taking an occasional break from your MT is one of the smartest things you can do in your therapy. Whether it’s experimenting with new modalities or finding a just-in-case, it’s important to have more than one MT you enjoy. So take a chance with the unknown; cheat on your therapist.

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