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Understanding and Treating Back Issues

Understanding and Treating Back Issues

Elements Massage South Mesa

Back problems including spasms and pain afflict over 80 percent of adult Americans according to research conducted by the American Chiropractic Association. These conditions can cause a range of issues stemming from infrequent and mild discomfort to incredibly severe pain that can interfere with a normal life. Here’s a bit more about what causes back spasms and how to properly seek out treatment to reduce pain and enable you to navigate a happy and healthy life.

The Causes
Spasms can result from a wide variety of injuries or medical conditions that deal with the many muscles, tendons, and ligaments found in your back. Any type of activity that involves strain or stress on the area of your lower back, like heavy lifting or sports like golf, tennis, rugby, or football that requires use of the muscles and ligaments to meet the demands of a movement or weight load, leaves your muscles vulnerable to injury.

Another cause of muscle spasms in the back area is due to chronic conditions such as arthritis. By applying pressure on the spinal cord, arthritis can cause significant pain that radiates throughout the back and down towards your legs. A ruptured disc is another component that can result in recurring back pain.

Options for Treatment
The good news is that there are many options available to help treat back issues today. From taking routine anti-inflammatory drugs or seeking out chiropractic care, one excellent, non-pharmacological approach is through the healing powers of massage.

When visiting our studio for back pain, be sure to discuss your condition with your massage therapist. Important points to convey include:

            -The severity and location of your specific pain

            -How frequently you experience discomfort

            -What your current care routine is

            -When you first started experiencing pain

Based on your answers, your massage therapist will be able to help guide you towards the right massage technique to address your needs. There are many different types of massage modalities and each one brings its own benefits. As always, be sure to receive permission from your regular doctor before seeking out care with our staff. Massage is a great way to alleviate back pain and muscle spasms and can help you feel more relaxed and stress-free.

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