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How to Find Relief for Sciatic Pain

How to Find Relief for Sciatic Pain

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Massage can be a highly effective treatment for those that suffer from sciatica issues. As a nerve bundle composed of several different nerve roots including nerves that service the lower back and sacral area, a tightening and compression on the sciatic nerve can cause severe pain. Typically this pain is registered as running down one or both legs and many sufferers say that it is “intolerable.”

Most often caused by a herniated disk or when a disk in your spinal chord develops a small tear or crack and ends up bulging into your spinal canal, this condition can pinch the sciatic nerve and thus lead to uncomfortable shooting pain.

The good news is that there are several courses of action to help diminish the pain associated with sciatica:

Although with shooting pain, it may seem impossible, getting out and getting active is one way to help reduce pain symptoms. Low-impact exercise activities like water aerobics, rowing machines, or bike riding can help your body ramp up its production of endorphins which act as natural pain killers.

-Chiropractic Care
Making routine visits to a chiropractor also has proven to deliver results in finding sciatica relief. The spinal manipulation a trained chiropractor can perform can help reduce the compression on the nerve bundle responsible for the problems in the first place and facilitate your body to heal itself with the right spinal alignment.

-Acupuncture and Yoga
As two additional non-pharmacological approaches to treating pain both acupuncture and yoga have been able to help those suffering from sciatica to achieve relief. For acupuncture, reports say that regular sessions are key in helping deliver results. For yoga, by concentrating on strengthening muscles and improving flexibility through a steady practice, the pressure on the sciatic nerve can be reduced therefore reducing overall pain.

Deep tissue work like trigger point therapy or deep tissue massage works best to address the issues stemming from nerve problems. By applying pressure to the irritated and inflamed areas as well as referral pain areas such as lower back, glutes, and hip flexors, massage is a great way to reduce sciatica and help you find the comfort you need.

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