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Words of Wellness

Forging New Patterns in Your Life

Forging New Patterns in Your Life

Elements Massage South Mesa

Most of the time, we are our own biggest obstacle in life. To unlock the ability to achieve and conquer new accomplishments, we must learn to vanquish the negative and critical voice in our heads. Including new habits into your life doesn’t have to happen all at once. To bring about positive changes, we recommend forging new patterns slowly. That way, you can bring about change in a sustainable way, thwarting failure and unlocking new habits.

At Elements Massage South Mesa, we’re on your team when it comes to helping you discover health and wellness. To nurture your own mind and body connection, here are a few tips from our expert staff when it comes to setting goals:

Identify Your Current Patterns
Before you go about trying to change up your habits, it’s good to step back and notice what it is that you do. For example, do you use certain behaviors as rewards like ordering dessert or having an extra glass of wine if it’s been a hard day? Bringing mindfulness into your current day-to-day is a great way to notice your regular programming in order to make meaningful change happen.

Set Goals
Next, write down your goals. What is it that you want to change and what are the steps that you are willing to take to bring that change to fruition? Pausing for reflection on what you want out of life is an excellent way to take stock of all that you are grateful for, and notice those that you’d like to improve upon. By writing out your goals, you are forced to confront them on paper.

Take It Easy
The most important suggestion we have about making change happen is to start out small. Lay a foundation for bigger change by showing yourself what is possible in incremental steps. If you face a setback, acknowledge it for what it is, don’t dwell but just move on to a new day.

Whether you want to be nicer to yourself, give more attention to your mind and body connection through exercise and massage, study a new field, make new friends, keep your house clean, you name it, it’s possible!

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