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Enhancing Our Practice With Aromatherapy

Enhancing Our Practice With Aromatherapy

Elements Massage South Mesa

Recently our Elements South Mesa studio has added a new offering to our massage menu: Aromatherapy. This practice of using authentic essential oils derived from plants to restore health, beauty, and well being is a great way to increase the relaxation factor of any massage session. These natural oils are extracted from flowers, bark, and other plants to enhance psychological and physical well-being.

With ancient roots dating back to Egypt, China, and India, these three early civilizations recognized the value of scent. Through burning primitive perfumes, incense, and other aromatic plant material, as well as using massage as a general tonic, aromatherapy brought a culture of relaxation and calmness to many ritual practices.

Even Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, believed that essential oils were a critical key when used in conjunction with aromatic baths or massages to promote good health.

Available as an add-on, similar to hot stones, to our regular massage line-ups, at Elements South Mesa, aromatherapy will be included through two methods:

  • Topical: When essential oils are used topically, they are placed in a mild lotion that acts as a carrier for application. This method also boasts the ability to target key areas on the body that are in need of extra attention!


  • Inhalation: The rich aromatic molecules found in essential oils stimulate your body’s olfactory receptor sites in the nasal passages when inhaled. These molecules can trigger the nerve messages of the limbic portion of the brain and in turn stimulate your nervous, immune, and endocrine system to produce physical, emotional, and spiritual responses.

The next time you visit our studio, don’t forget to ask about this exciting new service as a way to help you relax, refresh, and rejuvenate!

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