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Help Us Grow the Dream! Ecke YMCA Poinsettia Fundraiser

Help Us Grow the Dream! Ecke YMCA Poinsettia Fundraiser

Elements Massage

Elements supporte the Ecke YMCA and its programs.  Their Dreamcatehcer campaign has begun with the annual poinsettia fundraiser.  Our clients may pre-order their poinsettias at the studio between now and November 22nd.  The poinsettias will be delivered by the time of our open house on Thursday, December 5th.  Below is more information about the program and what it supports.

The Ecke YMCA is holding its annual All-Nation Poinsettia Fundraiser. The funds raised will support enrichment programs offered at the Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA. In an effort to make this event a success, we are calling upon our family, friends and local businesses to help us. In honor of our Ecke YMCA we are selling beautiful 14-1/2 to 16-1/2 inch tall, multi bloom, Holiday Red and White Poinsettia plants in 6-1/2 inch pots. The money raised through the Dreamcatcher Campaign allows the Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA to continue providing vital programs and services to children, families and seniors in the community. With your support of our Dreamcatcher Campaign… Children with physical and learning disabilities will be mainstreamed into YMCA summer day camp programs, hundreds of children whose parents are deployed will find a slice of peace and happiness at the YMCA, and children who have been victims of abuse will be able to participate in fun activities
in a safe environment.

This fundraiser affords you a unique opportunity to express your support of the YMCA and show your appreciation of the ways in which the YMCA cultivates magic in the hearts and minds of our children. 50% of the proceeds from the poinsettia sales will benefit the Ecke YMCA and the Dreamcatcher Campaign.

In the spirit of the program, we encourage you and your child to wear your tribal gear and approach friends and family with the opportunity to purchase these beautiful poinsettia plants.

• This fundraiser supports your local YMCA and will be available now until November 22.
• Pre-orders starting immediately.
• Orders to be submitted by November 22, 2013.
• Completed order forms with checks need to be submitted to the Adventure Guides Staff.
• All Credit card orders need to go through the Adventure Guides Staff.
• You can also direct any questions to Adventure Guides Staff at 760-942-9622.

COST: $12.00 per plant (checks payable to Ecke YMCA and collected at time of order) $6 per plant goes to the Dreamcatcher Campaign.

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