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How can massage help with Neurological disorders?

Carole A. Feintech, LMT, BS, AMTA Jun 1, 2015 Wellness

There are those who are looking for another way to help with pain control. Numerous studies have shown massage stimulates the release of serotonin, a natural pain killing and mood elevating endorphin and reduces the level of cortisol, a stress hormone that produces pain. Massage works hand in hand with neurology. Headache patients, who have exhausted all avenues, find regular...

Medical Massage Therapy Evolution to Mainstream Society Use

Etta Bowen Nov 24, 2014 Wellness

Professional and experts in the medical field do estimate that over ninety percent of diseases that occur are as a result of stress. It is debated that there is no other condition that causes us to age more quick externally and internally as stress. Stress can affect the bodily systems from the central nervous system and also the reproductive, muscular, cardiovascular, not forgetting...

Cell phone usage and your spine

Melanie Pinola Nov 20, 2014 Wellness

Our muscles have memory and when we get into habits, like testing on a cell phone, that can have lasting effects on our spine. Regular massages can help the muscles return to their normal state. Here is a short article and a great visual on what testing on our cell phones can do to our spine. Click to see the article

Four Tips to Maximize Your Massage Experience

Elements Massage Mar 14, 2014 Wellness

You know you’ve had a disappointing massage experience when you leave a session feeling mentally and physically dissatisfied.  Whether you had a hard time relaxing because of too many thoughts running through your mind or you weren’t comfortable with the therapist’s massage approach, the room temperature, music selection or lighting, there are...

Release Pressure, Tension, Pain with Reflexology Treatments

Elements Massage Feb 19, 2014 Wellness

When most people think about a true therapeutic experience, they often opt for a full body massage to relax and rejuvenate their mind, body and spirit. But what they might not realize is that the simple act of focusing on the reflexology zones in the hands, feet and ears can help elevate their state of relaxation and recovery to new levels.  Reflexology dates back thousands...

Four Conditions Massage Can Help Improve That You May Not Know About

Elements Massage Jan 30, 2014 Wellness

Stress, headaches, and neck or back pain are all pretty common ailments for which people turn to massage to experience mental and physical relief. But beyond these common conditions, massage also can play a big part in remedying many other daily ailments and injuries that you may have never thought of.Take a look at the following four types of conditions that...

Massage Provides Mental, Physical Treatment Options for Children with Autism

Elements Massage Jan 27, 2014 Wellness

Autism is a condition that has been around for decades, but society is just recently becoming more familiar with it as diagnosis and awareness continues to increase in the United States. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in 88 American children is diagnosed with autism.  And studies show that the condition is four to five times more common...

Massage in the 21st Century

Elements Massage Dec 8, 2013 Wellness

The path of massage therapy has been long, with roots dating back thousands of years. However, the practice in Western culture and specifically in the United States is relatively young, with many miles left to evolve and transform the industry. To truly appreciate the journey of massage therapy, it’s important to take a step back in time to where massage began, as well...

Early Birds or Night Owls: Who Gets the Best Sleep?

Elements Massage Nov 4, 2013 Wellness

Everyone knows that you need good sleep to function properly. But does it really matter whether you sleep under the light of the sun or the glow of the moon?Social trends and many experts agree that the benefits of sleep tend to lean more toward the early birds. But, it might surprise you that being an early bird doesn’t necessarily mean getting up before the rooster crows...

The Long and Short of How Stress Affects Your Health

Elements Massage Oct 22, 2013 Wellness

Are you often cranky, lethargic, irritable and unhappy? Do you have consistent headaches, neck pain, tense shoulders and tired back muscles? If this describes your normal disposition then you more than likely are feeling the effects of living an all-too-common stressed-out lifestyle. If you don’t start taking steps to break down the stress in your life soon, then it can...

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