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Matt (Level 4) | Therapist

Massage Modalities I am Experienced in: Swedish, Deep tissue, Range of Motion, Stretching, Sports Massage


What Year and Why I Became a Massage Therapist: 2017. Initially it was because I love the quiet and thought it is a great way to exercise and make money. I love the physicality of massage, learning human anatomy and musculature, and helping all types of people feel their best.


Philosophy on Healing: I keep an open mind, I love to listen. I think my massage is a combination of different styles and techniques with the common goal of helping people and promoting overall wellness.


Places I have Lived:  Born in New Jersey. Phoenix and Flagstaff

Interesting Facts About Me: I’m left handed. I love baseball and pitched my whole career as a player. I also worked doing a little massage at my Alma Mater.

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