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Krissy (Level 3) | Therapist


Massage Modalities: Reiki, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myotherapy, Trigger Point, Himalayan Salt Stone, Prenatal and Aromatherapy.

Why I Became a Massage Therapist: I dream big because dreams are what we are made of/I have been passionate about massage ever since I was a little kid. The seed was planted deep within my soul a long time ago. It's my Destiny! I want to care for people as if caring for myself with the deepest level of serenity, gratitude, respect and compassion from my soul to yours. We are one, we are love.

Philosophy on Healing: As I heal myself I heal others, which in turn heals the world. My job as an energy worker is to locate the alignment in one's body on any level (whether it be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual) and release it, sending love and light to the area for healing. If the client is ready to let go completely and is receptive and open to the work, I have done my job.

Places Lived: Arizona, South Carolina and Arkansas.

Interesting Facts about Me: I have one green eye and one blue eye.

In my other Life (Before Massage Therapy) I was.... a swim instructor and server.


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