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Headache Triggers

Elements Massage Scottsdale North Nov 5, 2019 Our Studio

If you are a chronic headache sufferer, you need to know these five ways you could inadvertently be setting yourself up for your next headache:

How to Eat the Frog First. Fixing Procrastination

Elements Massage Scottsdale East Jul 30, 2019 Our Studio

Eat the Frog First, Fixing Procrastination. The basic idea here is that the frog is that one thing on your to-do list that you just don’t want to do. Here are some helpful techniques.

Managing Arthritis Pain Better

Elements Massage Scottsdale North Mar 28, 2019 Our Studio

If you suffer from arthritis, then you are probably too familiar with the days when the pain is hard to manage. Here are ways to manage your arthritis pain: 

Assessing Your Health

Jan 29, 2019 Our Studio

If you want to set a healthy goal, where do you start? Before we get into planning actual goals, let’s assess your current health status.

Massage for Anxiety

Elements Massage Scottsdale North Oct 30, 2018 Our Studio

Massage is a weapon to fight back and curtail modern day anxiety and symptoms of Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Discover how: 

Boosting Your Blood Flow

Elements Massage Scottsdale North Sep 18, 2018 Our Studio

Massage, with its applications of varying pressures and movements including kneading, rolling, tapping, and more stimulate you circulatory functions and thus greatly improve your body’s blood and lymph flow.  

Nurturing Wellness

Elements Massage Scottsdale North May 29, 2018 Our Studio

Wellness is more than just a physical state of being. It includes multi-faceted aspects of the self that span the physical, emotional and spiritual areas. At Elements Massage Scottsdale North, we specialize in nurturing the mind and body connection. As one of life’s most vital relationships, it’s key to get in touch with these parts of yourself and explore. Here’s...

Massage Can Reduce SAD

Elements Massage Scottsdale North Feb 17, 2018 Our Studio

Ways in which massage helps manage and reduce the effects of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder

Why Massage?

Elements Massage Scottsdale North Sep 27, 2017 Our Studio

It’s time to realign your way of thinking, learn about the benefits, and add massage therapy to your health and wellness strategy. Here’s why:

Massage for Common Running Injuries

Elements Massage Scottsdale North Jul 10, 2017 Our Studio

To diminish long-term pain and promote proper recovery practices, here’s how massage can help you avoid the most common running injuries.

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