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Cecilia | Certified Massage Therapist

Originating from California, Cecilia comes to Las Vegas to pursue her career as a Massage Therapist. It’s been exactly ten years since receiving her education at the Vocational School for Massage Therapy, and she couldn’t be more proud. She’s been to a variety of destinations like St. George, visiting “Zion National Park”, Buenos Aires, Argentina and the Jazz capital of the world, New Orleans, Louisiana. Seeing these places, aspires her to visit her dream destination, Italy, drinking Garganega and eating gelato at the quaint “Fior di Luna”.

Cecilia specializes in Swedish massage and is keen on relaxing the mind. She protests that “healing comes from within, but only when you are ready for it.”Cecilia’s eagerness to ease the minds of others is what we practice here at Elements. We are passionate about the growth Cecilia will gain, and look forward to the minds she’ll ease in the future.

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