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Ann Marie | Certified Massage Therapist

Ann Marie, a long way from Baltimore, Maryland has been a Massage Therapist for one and a half years now. She’s received her education at the Baltimore School of Massage in Maryland. Ann Marie is a bit of a traveler, having been to all fifty states. She’s put down roots in Massachusetts, Arizona, and Colorado before settling here in Viva Las Vegas, Nevada. Not only has she seen all fifty states, she’s had the opportunity to see the “Segrada Familia”, in the bright blue skies of Barcelona, Spain, as well as England, Vienna and Mexico. Even as Ann found her calling as a licensed massage therapist, she’s also an Events Manager.

While Ann Marie specializes in pre-natal, hot stone and swedish massage, she believes whole-heartedly that “If the mind and body are healthy, one can live a long and blessed life.” Ann Marie is a wonderful addition to our family here at Elements and we couldn’t be more thrilled to experience her growth alongside her as she relaxes the minds and bodies of others.

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