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Teresa | Certified Massage Therapist

Teresa’s love for learning has earned her a membership in the Northwest Career College national technical honor society.  This lady likes to keep busy: apart from massage, she pours her energy into cooking, baking, crocheting, candle & soap-making, organic gardening and canning great, fresh food in season to enjoy year round.  Her dream is to travel to Hawaii and Thailand to learn the lomi-lomi style, as well as Thai massage techniques from their source.  She also has an interest in going back to school to possibly get a certification as a holistic health practitioner as well as become a master herbalist.  As much as Teresa is all for a healthy lifestyle, she will light up at the casual mention of chocolate and other gooey sweets!

At Elements, Teresa specializes in medical massage and is skilled in the following modalities: non-invasive deep tissue, cupping, Gua Sha, Sittner Technique for neck and shoulders.  She believes that massage is amazing at helping people with pain and stress without putting chemicals in the body or undergoing surgery.  She feels that her quality of life improves along with her clients’ as she performs massage therapy – a calling that she truly loves.

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