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Brittany | Certified Massage Therapist

With many years of experience up her sleeve, Brittany pours her expertise in trigger point, deep tissue, Swedish and Kinesiology tapping into the Elements talent pool.  She received her schooling in massage therapy from the SpaTech Institute and has been applying her techniques with the main goal of helping people feel better.  She has lived in many different states, her favorites being: Virginia, California and Idaho.  Some places she has enjoyed visiting are: the Meteor Crater, Mt. Zion, Washington DC and San Diego, but her idea of a dream vacation is going somewhere tropical for a week without technology.  One fun fact about her is that she is a triplet!  Try booking with Brittany one of these days and you’ll find that not only is she personable but also highly skilled in the practice of massage therapy and ever enthusiastic to share her competencies towards helping each one achieve optimal wellness.

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