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Laurie | Certified Massage Therapist

Multi-talented and versatile Laurie has a degree in law and justice and is currently working on her masters degree in social work.  Meanwhile, she lends her brilliance to her other passion which is the art of massage therapy.  She traces her roots back to Montana and Seattle where she received her training in massage from the Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy.  Her deep appreciation for massage stems from the way it enables us to empty our minds, focus on our breathing, let go of the day’s concerns in order to connect with our bodies and promote healing.  She enjoys the fact that she is promoting health and well-being through this profession.

Prior to joining us here, she was a clinical research coordinator and has traveled throughout Europe as well as Taiwan and Ecuador.  Her ideal getaway would be to relax on the shores of Hawaii eating shaved ice and receiving lomi-lomi massage from one of the natives.  Here at Elements, she prides herself in her own personal style of combining Swedish deep tissue right along with myofascial techniques for a holistic experience.  We are glad that Laurie has found a home here at Elements through which she can share her skills and sprightly personality that make for a truly unique and special encounter every time.

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