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All About Trigger Point Massage

All About Trigger Point Massage

Elements Massage Phoenix Camelback

Trigger point massage is a popular massage modality that uses targeted pressure to focus on areas of tension. A massage therapist uses their thumbs and forefingers to dig into origin points, manipulating muscle tissue with pressure and movement to break up tightness and induce relief.

Since healthy muscles should be pliable, this form of massage is most aptly applied to knots or balls of stubborn tension. On a microscopic level, pressure is applied to your bands of muscle. There are two types of trigger points:

  1. Active
    This form of trigger point can be incredibly painful and is often accompanied by symptoms like numbness, tingling, or even burning sensations. Cause is attributed to an abrupt muscle impact like injury or repetitive use.
  2. Latent
    This form of trigger point results more from your body trying to compensate from active trigger points. Accompanied by less pain and manifesting more in restrictive movements or bad posture, latent trigger points can negatively impact your health if left alone.

Both forms of trigger points can be responsible for pain in the body. This pain may not present around the area of tension itself. For example, even if you have a muscle knot in your neck, the pain may show up in your lower back.


As a relative newcomer to massage modalities, trigger point massage provides attention on the physiological aspects of your muscles. With over 400 muscles in the body, this form of massage is an excellent tool to use to keep your body pain free and functioning correctly. Come talk to our team about working out your tender spots today!



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