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The Benefit of Massage for Pain Relief

The Benefit of Massage for Pain Relief

Michele Sottile

The Benefit of Massage for Pain Relief

Did you know that pain is the reason behind about 80 percent of visits to doctors in the United States annually? And if you suffer from chronic pain, you know what kind of toll it takes on you not only physically but also mentally, emotionally and socially. Fortunately there are options other than medication that you can try to effectively decrease this pain – and a major choice for many is massage!

Massage has been shown to relieve various types of pain: muscle and bone pain, headaches, deep internal pain, fibromyalgia pain and spinal cord pain. In fact, an intensive study published in the journal Pain Medicine, stated that massage therapy relieved pain better than no treatment at all. And while providing pain relief, massage therapy may also improve anxiety and health-related quality of life issues. Give massage therapy a try, if you find you’re not getting the results you want you may benefit from altering the type of massage or frequency of visits.

A certified massage therapist who is experienced in the type of pain relief you’re seeking can provide a powerful tool to help you improve your situation.

References: Fitness Peak Website article by Dr. Mercola

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