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Why do YOU need a massage?

Why do YOU need a massage?

The benefits of undergoing regular massage treatments have been proven in study-after-study within the medical field. From the physiological benefits, which include reduced pain and improved flexibility, to the mental health benefits, which include stress relief and long-term relaxation, massage treatments are now a leading choice for many health focused individuals across Arizona. It’s for this reason that individuals from all walks of life are now utilizing the services of Elements Massage in Paradise Valley/Scottsdale area in Phoenix .

As the trusted local specialists for high quality massage services, Elements Massage provides each new client with massage services that are customized based on the client’s unique treatment requirements. The first step in the company’s approach to treatment is in working with the client to decide the ideal pressure level.  There are four distinct pressure levels. Level 1 is designed for those who require light pressure and a relaxing massage experience. Level 2 involves medium pressure without a specific trigger point or focus. Level 3 includes medium to deep pressure during treatment, which will also include some trigger point work that helps to resolve specific problem areas. Level 4 is a full deep tissue massage that includes pressure on various trigger points.

After deciding on the specific level of pressure required within the client’s treatment, the specialist at Elements Massage Paradise Valley works with the client to decide the style of massage therapy they require. The style required depends on the type of issue suffered by the client. Many of the company’s expert are trained in the intricacies of Swedish and deep tissue massage. And many of the clients visiting Elements at the Paradise Valley, Phoenix studio for the first-time tend to choose a Swedish massage treatment in order to become used to massage techniques. That’s because Swedish massage ideal for simple stress relief and relaxation.

For those with specific muscle issues, repetitive strain injuries or postural problems, deep tissue massages are ideal. The deep tissue techniques carried out by the team at Elements will help clients recover from muscle-based problems and ensure shorter and more pain-free recovery periods. In addition, Elements massage therapists practice a number of other complex treatment techniques.

Pregnant patients, for example, are offered pre-natal massage services. Pre-natal techniques help to relieve the aches and pains of pregnancy and also help reduce the emotional stresses that are commonplace among women at this time.  Avid sportspeople might consider the company’s sports massages, which are designed to both speed-up injury recovery and aid athletic performance by increasing muscle flexibility and strength. There’s a range of options designed to suit all visiting clients.

The team at Elements Massage in Paradise Valley/Scottsdale is now ready to help you understand the unique therapies available to you. Contact us at today to experience the amazing benefits from a true therapeutic massage!

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